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Winners of the RFS Awards

The winners of the annual RFS Awards were announced at SFS Cavalcade North America 2023. We are pleased to share the winners:

Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Award
“The Cross-Section of Bank Value”
Mark Egan, Stefan Lewellen, and Adi Sunderam
Prize: $10,000

Michael J. Brennan Best Paper Runner Up
“Methodological Variation in Empirical Corporate Finance”
Todd Mitton
Prize: $5000

Referee of the Year
Nadya Malenko
Prize: $1000

Distinguished Referees
Ilona Babenko
Matteo Benetton
Asaf Bernstein
Michael Wittry
Yao Zeng

Rising Scholar Award
“Biased by Choice: How Financial Constraints Can Reduce Financial Mistakes” Rawley Z. Heimer and Alex Imas
Prize: $5000

Congratulations to all our award winners!