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The RCFS journal awards are presented annually at SFS Cavalcade North America.

Best Paper Award

2023, $10,000
“Does Homeownership Reduce Wealth Disparities for Low-Income and Minority Households?”
Ashleigh Eldemire, Kimberly F. Luchtenberg, and Matthew M. Wynter

2022, $10,000
“Wages and Firm Performance: Evidence from the 2008 Financial Crisis”
Paige Ouimet and Elena Simintzi

2021, $10,000
“How Do Laws and Institutions Affect Recovery Rates for Collateral?”
Hans Degryse, Vasso Ioannidou, José María Liberti, and Jason Sturgess

2020, $10,000
“Deposit Insurance, Bank Risk-Taking, and Failures: Evidence from Early Twentieth-Century State Deposit Insurance Systems”
Felipe Aldunate

2019, $20,000
“Within-Bank Spillovers of Real Estate Shocks”
Vicente Cuñat, Dragana Cvijanović, and Kathy Yuan

2018, $20,000
“Have Instrumental Variables Brought Us Closer to the Truth”
Wei Jiang

2017, $10,000
“Spillovers in Local Banking Markets”
Mark J. Garmaise and Gabriel Natividad

2016, $10,000
“Do Consumers Choose the Right Credit Contracts?”
Sumit Agarwal, Souphala Chomsisengphet, Chunlin Liu, and Nicholas S. Souleles

2015, $10,000
“Is the Stock Market Just a Side Show? Evidence from a Structural Reform”
Murillo Campello, Rafael P. Ribas, and Albert Y. Wang

2014, $10,000
“Bank Bailout Menus”
Sudipto Bhattacharya and Kjell G. Nyborg

2013, $10,000, sponsored by Harley Lippman and the Society for Financial Studies
“Negotiating with Labor under Financial Distress”
Efraim Benmelech, Nittai K. Bergman, and Ricardo J. Enriquez

Referee of the Year Award

2023, $1000: Elena Loutskina
2022, $1000: Jessica Jeffers
2021, $1000: Jack Liebersohn
2020, $1000: Chotibhak Jotikasthira
2019, $1000: Ramin P. Baghai
2018, $1000: Ilona Babenko
2017, $1000: Daniel Ferreira
2016, $1000: Mara Faccio
2015, $1000: Roman Inderst
2014, $1000: Amit Seru
2013, $1000: Philip Bond

Rising Scholar Award

2022 (tie), $2500 each
Michael D. Wittry for “Crisis Poison Pills” by Ofer Eldar and Michael D. Wittry
Yan Xiong for “Information Bias in the Proxy Advisory Market” by Shichao Ma and Yan Xiong

2021, $5000
“Tough Love: The Effects of Debt Contract Design on Firms’ Performance”
Ioannis Spyridopoulos

2020, $5000
“Contingent Capital Trigger Effects: Evidence from Liability Management Exercises”
Boris Vallee

Best Registered Report

2023, $5000
“Energy Transitions and Household Finance: Evidence from U.S. Coal Mining”
Ding Du and Stephen A. Karolyi

2022 (tie), $2500 each
“Does Homeownership Reduce Wealth Disparities for Low-Income and Minority Households?”
Ashleigh Eldemire, Kimberly F Luchtenberg, and Matthew Wynter
“Hidden Preferences: Salary History Ban and Gender Pay Gap”
Jesse Davis, Paige Ouimet, and Xinxin Wang