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Submit a Paper

You may submit a new submission or resubmission here.

Your submission must be formatted according to the guidelines. Your submission will be returned to you if the abstract is longer than 100 words and/or if the manuscript is not double-spaced according to the guidelines.

We recommend that you read our review and refund policies before submitting.

Once your paper has been successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail, your submission did not enter the system properly. First, use the URL you received from Editorial Express to return to the submission and click the final “submit” button. If that does not solve the problem, please contact the editorial office.

Submission Fees

High-Income Economies
SFS Member: $240
Nonmember: $300
[Paying the nonmember fee gives the submitting author a one-year SFS membership.]

Middle-Income Economies
To qualify, ALL COAUTHORS MUST RESIDE in middle-income or low-income economies per our list.
SFS Member: $100
Nonmember: $160
[Paying the nonmember fee gives the submitting author a one-year SFS membership.]

Low-Income Economies
To qualify, ALL COAUTHORS MUST RESIDE in low-income economies per our list.
The submission fee waived.

Fast Track: $1000

Conditionally Accepted: The fee is waived.

Invited Dual Submission: The first round fee is waived; subsequent rounds require the submission fee.

Registered Report: The fee is waived.

Payment Not Required: There are rare cases in which a waiver has been granted. You must upload a cover letter indicating which editor approved the waiver. DO NOT select the waiver unless you have been authorized, in writing, to do so. If you have a question, contact the editorial office BEFORE submitting. Failure to follow this policy may result in your submission being removed.


Resubmissions, including conditionally accepted resubmissions, should be submitted here. Please do not email your resubmission to your editor.

Resubmissions require the submission fee. The fee is waived for Registered Reports and Conditionally Accepted papers.

Please include separate letters to the editor and to each referee. The letters to the referees must be anonymous.

Rising Scholar Award

Please read the rules to determine if you are eligible for consideration.

New Submissions That Incorporate Material From a Previously Rejected Article

Do not submit a paper as new that nontrivially incorporates material from a paper of yours that was rejected by RCFS, accepted by RCFS, or is at any stage of review at RCFS, without first obtaining permission to do so from one of the journal’s editors. We systematically check new submissions against older ones to enforce this policy. Failure to obtain permission prior to doing so may result in sanctions for you and your co-authors. If in doubt, ask!

SFS Journals Policy

RFS, RAPS, and RCFS are independent journals. Submissions to any one journal are considered without regard to previous decisions at other SFS journals, and information about past decisions on papers is not shared across the journals without author permission.

Fast Track

The Fast Track submission option guarantees a two-week turnaround or your money back. The fee is $1000. If you choose Fast Track, email the Managing Editor so we can get the editorial process moving right away!

Prior Review Submission

Beginning June 1, 2020, RCFS is offering a prior review process. Before submitting, please read the Prior Review Policy. In Editorial Express, select “prior review submission” as your category of submission in Step 2. Upload editor letters and referee reports in Step 5 alongside a clear description of each item.

Disclosure Policy

Please see our disclosure policy. The submission system will ask you to confirm that you read and understand the policy before you can finalize your submission. You will be able to upload your disclosures in Step 4.

Code Sharing Policy

The code sharing policy will go into effect on October 1, 2020.

IMPORTANT: Manuscripts are evaluated by the Review of Corporate Finance Studies on the understanding that they have been submitted solely to it and that they have not been previously published either in whole or in part. This includes prior publication, in whole or in part, in practitioner-oriented outlets. If you need clarification of this policy, please contact the executive editor.