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Code Sharing Policy

[November 19, 2021]
[Policy applies to new submissions from January 1, 2022, onward. Policy does not apply to resubmissions of papers originally submitted prior to January 1, 2022.]

Policy: After a paper has been accepted for publication at the Review of Asset Pricing Studies (RAPS), the authors are required to provide the code and data needed for replication of any empirical analysis, simulations, numerical computations, or experimental work contained in the paper. The code and data will be made available on the RAPS website at the time the paper is published online.

Exceptions to the Policy: If an author seeks an exemption from the sharing policy, this must be done upon submitting the paper to RAPS for the first time. The editor handling the submission will make a decision regarding the request. If the decision is made to not grant the request, the submitting authors have the option to either abide by the sharing policy or withdraw their submission, in which case the submission fee will be returned in full. Papers that use copyright data (such as CRSP and Compustat) are automatically granted an exception from data sharing. Papers that use confidential data should request an exception upon submission.

Code Details: Authors should make their best effort so that the code can be understood by reasonably trained users. Hence, the code should include comments as needed. Similarly, details should be provided about the software packages, programing languages, data formats, and data sources. Beyond that, authors are not expected to provide assistance to users of the code.

Code Usage: People downloading the files will need to certify that the programs will be used only for academic research. Any other use will require explicit permission from all the authors of the published paper and other originators of the code (if such other originators exist). Academic researchers using any part of the code in their own work are required to acknowledge the origin of the code.