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Annual Meeting

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The 2024 Society for Financial Studies Annual Meeting will take place at the 2024 SFS Cavalcade North America at Georgia State University in May 2024.

New RAPS Issue 14(1)

The March issue of RAPS has published! The Editor’s Choice paper is: “Investor Demand for Leverage: Evidence from Equity Closed-End Funds” by Robert Dam, Shaun William Davies, and S. Katie Moon

New RFS Issue 37(3)

The March issue of RFS has published! The Editor’s Choice paper is: “The Cost of Bank Regulatory Capital” by Matthew C Plosser and João A C Santos

IRMC 2024 Conference

The Call for Papers for the IRMC 2024 Conference is now available. The conference, which features optional dual submission to RAPS, will take place June 24-25, 2024, in Milan. The submission deadline is April 12, 2024.

RFS Forthcoming Papers

“The Bright Side of Political Uncertainty: The Case of R&D” by Julian Atanassov, Brandon Julio, and Tiecheng Leng “Computational Reproducibility in Finance: Evidence from 1,000 Tests” by Christophe Perignon, Olivier Akmansoy, Christophe Hurlin, Anna Dreber, Felix Holzmeister, Juergen Huber, Magnus Johannesson, Michael Kirchler, Albert J.  Menkveld, Michael Razen, and Utz Weitzel

Decisions for SFS Cavalcade North America 2024

  • SFS News

The decisions for SFS Cavalcade North America 2024 have been sent. If you did not receive your decision, please contact us. We received 1619 submissions. The final program was highly selective, with an 8.9% acceptance rate. If you selected dual submission with RAPS or RCFS, you will receive a separate decision email from the journal in the next few weeks.