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RCFS Forthcoming Paper

“Skilled Immigration, R&D Concentration, and Industry Consolidation” by Rajesh K. Aggarwal and Mufaddal  Baxamusa

RCFS Forthcoming Paper

“Do Institutional Investors Process and Act Upon Information? Evidence from M&A Targets” by Kirak Kim, Ellie Luu, and Fangming Xu

New RCFS Issue 13(1)

The February issue of RCFS has published! The Editor’s Choice paper is: “Do Nonfinancial Firms Use Financial Assets to Take Risk?” by Zhiyao Chen and Ran Duchin

RCFS Dual Submission Decisions

The RCFS dual submission decisions for the Jackson Hole 2024 Conference have been sent. If you submitted your paper as a dual submission to RCFS and did not receive your decision email, please contact us.

RCFS Forthcoming Paper

“Non-dilutive CoCo Bonds: A Necessary Evil?” by Andrea Gamba, Yanxiong Gong, and Kebin Ma

SFS Cavalcade 2026 Host

We are pleased to announce that the host for SFS Cavalcade North America 2026 will be the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. Darden hosted the second Cavalcade back in 2012, and we look forward to returning! For more on upcoming Cavalcades, visit SFS Cavalcade North America.

RCFS Forthcoming Paper

“Cross-Market Effects of Consolidation: Evidence from Banking” by Andrew Bird, Ding Du, and Stephen A. Karolyi

RCFS Forthcoming Paper

“The Systemic Governance Influence of Expectation Documents:  Evidence from a Universal Owner” by Ruth Aguilera, Vicente J. Bermejo, Javier Capape, and Vicente Cunat