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RCFS Forthcoming Paper

“Human Capital Reallocation Across Firms: Evidence from Idiosyncratic Shocks” by Erik Gilje, Jerome Philippe Alain Taillard, and Linghang Zeng

RCFS Winter Conference Program

The program for the RCFS Winter Conference is available on the conference website. The conference will take place February 16-18, 2024, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

RCFS Forthcoming Paper

“Skilled Immigration, R&D Concentration, and Industry Consolidation” by Rajesh K. Aggarwal and Mufaddal  Baxamusa

RCFS Forthcoming Paper

“Do Institutional Investors Process and Act Upon Information? Evidence from M&A Targets” by Kirak Kim, Ellie Luu, and Fangming Xu