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Forthcoming Papers

“Idiosyncratic Volatility, Growth Options, and the Cross-Section of Returns” by Alexander Barinov and Georgy Chabakauri “Investor Demand for Leverage: Evidence from Equity Closed-End Funds” by Robert Dam, Shaun William Davies, and S. Katie Moon

Forthcoming Paper

“Limits of Arbitrage and Primary Risk Taking in Derivative Securities” by Meng Tian and Liuren Wu

Forthcoming Paper

“Which Factors for Corporate Bond Returns?” by Thuy Duong Dang, Fabian Hollstein, and Marcel Prokopczuk

Forthcoming Paper

“Stochastic Interest Rates, Heterogeneous Valuations, and the Volatility-Volume Relation with Search Frictions” by Sheen Liu, Junbo Wang, and Chunchi Wu “Product market competition, labor mobility, and the cross-section of stock returns” by Shamim Ahmed, Ziwen Bu, and Xiaoxia Ye

Dual Submission Decisions

The dual submission decisions for SFS Cavalcade Asia-Pacific 2022 and the Jackson Hole Finance Conference 2023 have been sent. If you submitted your paper as a dual submission and did not receive your decision email, please contact us.

New Issue: December 12(4)

The December issue of RAPS has published! The Editor’s Choice paper is: “What Drives the Size and Value Factors?” by Jiacui Li

Editorial Team Update

RAPS is also pleased to welcome Norman Schürhoff as an Editor, beginning November 1. Norman is a Professor of Finance at the Swiss Finance Institute and previously served as an Associate Editor for RAPS.

Forthcoming Paper

“Predicting Returns Out of Sample: A Naïve Model Averaging Approach” by Huafeng (Jason) Chen, Liang Jiang, and Weiwei Liu

Forthcoming Paper

“The Geography of Sub-advisors, Managerial Structure, and the Performance of International Equity Mutual Funds” by Markus Sebastian Broman, Michael Densmore, and Pauline M. Shum Nolan

Forthcoming Paper

“Small Rebalanced Portfolios Often Beat the Market Over Long Horizons” by Adam Farago and Erik Hjalmarsson