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First Amendments to the By-Laws: Suggested Amendment


Amendments to the By-Laws Report as a Result of Council Discussions

Suggested Change to Amendment concerning Section 4.4(d)(i):

General Notice Contents. Except as provided in Section 8.1(b)(vi) hereof, all notices of meetings of Voting Members shall be sent by first class-mail, or electronic mail, or otherwise made electronically available on a public Web site maintained for the purposes of the Corporation, in accordance with this subsection (d) not less than ten (10) nor more than ninety (90) days before the date of the meeting to each Voting Member who, as of the time said notice is given, is entitled to vote thereat. A good faith effort will be made to announce all meetings in the Review of Financial Studies.

In the subsequent changes under Issue 6 “or electronic mail” will be specifically added after “first-class mail” wherever it appears. Also, “Web site maintained by the corporation” will be replaced by “Web site maintained for the purposes of the Corporation” wherever it appears.