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New RCFS Issue: March 2015

The new issue of RCFS 4(1) March 2015 has mailed. If you have a subscription, you can also view the issue online here. If you don’t have a subscription, you can still view the Editor’s Choice article for free online!

Latest Forthcoming Papers

“The Financial Crisis of 2007-09: Why Did It Happen and What Did We Learn?” by Anjan Thakor and “Securitization and Banks’ Capital Structures” by Andrés Almazan, Alfredo Martin-Oliver, Jesús Saurina

Editor’s Choice: March

The Editor’s Choice article for March 2015 (issue 4/1) is “Dynamic Investment, Capital Structure, and Debt Overhang ” by Suresh Sundaresan, Neng Wang, and Jinqiang Yang. You can read the article free online here.

Registration is Now Open for Cavalcade 2015

You can now register online for the 2015 SFS Finance Cavalcade, which will take place May 17-20, 2015, at the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech. Early registration will be $100 for members and $140 for nonmembers. Beginning April 1, the registration rate will increase to $125 for members and $165 for nonmembers. The registration fee will be waived for doctoral students and Georgia Tech faculty. To register, visit the Cavalcade 2015 web site.

Dual Submission to Cavalcade 2015

Did you know that Cavalcade 2015 features a dual submission option with The Review of Corporate Finance Studies? The submission deadline is December 8, 2014. For details, visit Cavalcade 2015.

Submission Period is Now Open for Cavalcade 2015

The Cavalcade 2015 submission period is now open. To submit, please visit Cavalcade 2015. The deadline for submissions is midnight PST December 8, 2014. Reminder for doctoral students: For papers in which ALL co-authors are doctoral students, the submission fee is waived. Cavalcade 2015 features dual submission with RCFS! To be considered for dual submission, be sure to select the dual submission with RCFS option while submitting in the online system.

Latest Forthcoming Paper

“The Costs and Benefits of Clawback Provisions in CEO Compensation” by Mark Andrew Chen, and Daniel Greene, and James Owers

Latest Forthcoming Paper

“Dynamic Investment, Capital Structure, and Debt Overhang” by Suresh Sundaresan, Neng Wang, and Jinqiang Yang