SFS Cavalcade North America 2021

MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy (Virtual Conference)
May 24-27, 2021




Please see the Registration section below to register.


Conference Chairs

Chair: Ulrike Malmendier (UC Berkeley)
Vice Chair: Andrea Eisfeldt (UCLA)
Associate Chair: Victoria Ivashina (Harvard Business School)
SFS Advisory Chair: Wei Jiang (Columbia Business School)

Host’s Faculty Sponsor: Edward Golding

Keynote Speakers

Mon May 24 Cavalcade Keynote by Ulrike Malmendier (UC Berkeley)
Tues May 25 RCFS Keynote by Amir Sufi (University of Chicago)
Wed May 26 RAPS Keynote by Eugene Fama (University of Chicago) – This is a Q&A Session. Please email your questions to Jeffrey Pontiff


-The submission period was November 6-December 10, 2020. Make sure to begin your submission with plenty of time to complete it before the deadline of 11:59pm EST. Late submissions will not be allowed.

-You do not need to remove author names from the uploaded paper.

-The submitted paper must not be accepted (or conditionally accepted) at a journal.

-Papers that have been presented (or are scheduled to be presented) at the WFA, AFA, and/or SFS Cavalcade Asia-Pacific are allowed.

-Authors of accepted papers are required to attend their session regardless of which day the session is scheduled; if an author can not make it to the scheduled time, the conference reserves the right to pull the paper.
-The submission fee was $50.

-For papers in which ALL co-authors are doctoral students, the submission fee was waived. Make sure you select the student category to avoid paying the fee. You may click past any notes saying you need to pay before you submit; the note is standard in ConfTool and can't be removed.

-The fee may be paid via PayPal, Stripe, or credit card. You do not need to create a PayPal account to pay via credit card; simply click past the "create an account" option to enter your credit card information.

-ConfTool requires you to pay the fee before you can submit your paper. If you are submitting multiple papers, ConfTool will ask you to pay all the fees at once, then upload each paper individually.

-There are no refunds.
You have the option to elect dual submission to either the Review of Corporate Finance Studies or the Review of Asset Pricing Studies. If the journal you select decides not to send your paper out for review, the editor may refer your paper to the other journal, if appropriate, or to the Review of Financial Studies, for possible review. Thus, by selecting the dual submission option, you have implicitly agreed to be reviewed by any of the three SFS journals. Please see our Dual Submission Policy.
-Decisions were sent March 8.

-We received 1566 submissions and the final program was highly selective, with an 8.6% acceptance rate.

-Dual submission decisions will be sent from RAPS and RCFS in March/April 2021.

Register Here
Please register by May 17, 2021

-All participants must register, including session chairs, discussants, presenters, and attending co-authors.

-The registration fee for the virtual conference is $50. This is substantially discounted from the in-person Cavalcade in which the fee was $100-$165. The registration fee will help offset the cost of running the virtual conference.

-ATTENTION DOCTORAL STUDENTS: You are eligible for complimentary registration. To receive a registration code, please contact us. Please DO NOT register before receiving the code.

-The email address you provide during registration is where the Zoom link will be sent.

-Registration fees may be paid via credit card, PayPal, or Stripe. You do not need to create a PayPal account to pay via credit credit; simply click past the account creation step.

-Registration is nonrefundable.
The SFS Cavalcade is a three day conference covering all areas of finance. The format is 55 minutes per paper with nine-to-eleven parallel sessions. Our goal is to provide a setting that produces the kind of in-depth participation of a smaller conference while accommodating the variety of papers of a larger one. The host school’s faculty and Ph.D. students receive complimentary registration to the conference and all events. The SFS Cavalcade conference is a joint project of the Review of Financial Studies, the Review of Corporate Finance Studies, and the Review of Asset Pricing Studies.

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