Council Changes

Raman Uppal

Raman Uppal has completed his term as Council Chair. Raman has long been dedicated to the SFS and its journals. He previously served as an SFS Council Member, an RFS editor, a RAPS editor, and a RAPS associate editor. We are so grateful to Raman for all he has done for the Society.






Renée B. Adams

Renee Adams will be the new Council Chair. Renee has been on the SFS Council since 2017.







Lalitha Naveen

Lalitha Naveen has joined as Secretary/Treasurer. She previously served as an Associate Editor for RFS.







Alon Brav

Kai Li

Alon Brav and Kai Li have been renewed for another term on the SFS Council. They have both served on the council since 2018.






Paola Sapienza

We welcome Paola Sapienza to the SFS Council. Paola is the Donald C. Clark/HSBC Chair in Consumer Finance Professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, a faculty research fellow at NBER, and a research affiliate of CEPR.

Cavalcade Keynote Videos Now Available

Videos of the keynotes from Cavalcade North America 2021 are now available on the Cavalcade web site. Our thanks to the MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy for preparing and hosting the videos. Videos from the paper presentations will be linked on the website soon.

Cavalcade Keynote: “Epidemics, Crises, and Beliefs” by Ulrike Malmendier (UC Berkeley)

RCFS Keynote: “A Goldilocks Theory of Fiscal Policy” by Amir Sufi (University of Chicago)

RAPS Keynote: “Q&A Session” by Eugene Fama (University of Chicago)

SFS Secretary/Treasurer

Lalitha Naveen

We are pleased to welcome Lalitha Naveen to the role of SFS Secretary/Treasurer. Lalitha is an Associate Professor of Finance at Temple University. She previously served as an Associate Editor for RFS.

Please join us in welcoming Lalitha.

Winners of the Cavalcade Best Paper Awards

The winners of the SFS Cavalcade North America 2021 Best Paper Awards were announced at the virtual awards presentation on May 25. We are pleased to share the winners:

Best Paper in Corporate Finance
“Friends in Media”
Guosong Xu
Prize: $1000

Best Paper in Asset Pricing
“Social Security and Trends in Wealth Inequality”
Sylvain Catherine, Max Miller, Natasha Sarin
Prize: $1000

The Arthur Warga Award for Best Paper in Fixed Income
“Credit Fire Sales: Captive Lending as Liquidity in Distress”
Matteo Benetton, Sergio Mayordomo, Daniel Paravisini
Prize: $750 (2% of the endowment)

Congratulations to all our award winners!

Tuesday at the Cavalcade

The first paper presentations of SFS Cavalcade 2021 begin at 11am today.

1:15pm Panel Honoring Craig W. Holden

3:45pm RCFS Keynote by Amir Sufi

4:30pm Presentation of Awards

5pm Virtual Reception with rooms hosted by MIT:
Asset Pricing hosted by Lawrence Schmidt
Corporate Finance hosted by Egor Matveyev
Behavioral Finance hosted by Eben Lazarus
ESG hosted by Ed Golding
FinTech and Big Data hosted by Maryam Farboodi

For more information, visit the conference website.

Cavalcade Begins Today!

SFS Cavalcade North America 2021 kicks off today with a Keynote by Chair Ulrike Malmendier at 5pm. A virtual Welcome Reception will follow with rooms hosted by MIT:

Asset Pricing hosted by Leonid Kogan
Corporate Finance hosted by Antoinette Schoar
Behavioral Finance hosted by Taha Choukhmane
Financial Policy, COVID-19, and Beyond hosted by Deborah Lucas
Macro Finance hosted by Emil Verner

For more information, visit the conference website.