Announcing the new Executive Editor of RAPS

Wayne Ferson is completing his term as Executive Editor of RAPS on December 31. Wayne has been with RAPS since the beginning and the SFS is grateful to him for his excellent work as the first Executive Editor.


We are very pleased to announce that Jeffrey Pontiff has agreed to serve as the next RAPS Executive Editor. His term will begin January 1, 2018. Jeffrey joined the RAPS editorial team in 2011 as an Editor. He is a professor at Boston College and is the James F. Clearly Chair in Finance.


Matt Spiegel’s Presidential Term Ends

The SFS is thankful to Matt Spiegel, who is concluding his term as President today. Matt has been SFS President since 2014. His history with the SFS and its journals is extensive. Matt served as SFS Vice President from 2011-2014 and as the Executive Editor of the Review of Financial Studies from 2005-2011. He is responsible for founding the SFS Cavalcade conference, which just hosted its seventh conference and is expanding this year to include an Asia-Pacific edition.

Matt’s work with the SFS and its journals will have a lasting effect on the profession. The Society for Financial Studies sincerely thanks Matt for his dedicated service.

Matt Spiegel at Cavalcade North America 2017. Photo courtesy of Financial Markets Research Center at Vanderbilt. Credit: Chad Driver Productions.