New Paper Examines Speeds for Top Finance Journals

A new working paper titled “Do Acceptance and Publication Times Differ Across Finance Journals?” by Craig Holden examines the time that eventually-published articles take from first-round submission to final-round acceptance for the top-20 finance journals and top-tier business journals. He finds that the two fastest finance journals are the Review of Corporate Finance Studies and the Review of Asset Pricing Studies, with median acceptance times of 7.3 months and 7.8 months, respectively. For the top-three finance journals, he finds that the median acceptance time at the Journal of Financial Economics is 9.9 months, at the Review of Financial Studies is 15.3 months, and at the Journal of Finance is 19.8 months. See his paper on SSRN.

SFS Cavalcade is the Best Large Finance Conference

A new paper by Sebastian Reinartz and Daniel Urban ranks 45 finance conferences based on subsequent success of papers presented at those conferences in getting published in top journals. They find that 62% of SFS Cavalcade papers were subsequently published in the top 3 finance journals, compared to 40% for the AFA, 28% for the WFA, 21% for FIRS, and 21% for the EFA. Thus, they conclude that “the Society for Financial Studies (SFS) Finance Cavalcade conference is the best large finance conference according to the subsequent publication rates in TOP3 finance journals.” See their paper “Finance Conference Quality and Publication Success: A Conference Ranking” available on SSRN.